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From Jolie:

I'm getting married in September and I basically want to die. Everything about this wedding is making me so upset, and the only reason I'm putting myself through it is because I'm afraid I'll regret it if I don't have a proper wedding.

Among the things that are making me want to die is the search for a wedding dress. I was totally traumatized by my first attempt to find a dress: overwhelmed, insulted, pushed around, inexplicably shoved into a dress that involved feathers and burlap ... it was really just awful in every way. I'm still not up to heading back into the wilds of bridal boutiques, but time's a'wasting and I know I have to get my tush in gear. So I've been looking online to at least get some ideas ... when I came across this.

It is my dream dress. It is beautiful. I don't even give a fig what it costs! But first, I need to find it. Help me please! I will be the happiest bride ever if I can wear this kaftan on my wedding day. (crumpleface)

Help her!