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Gymnasts Pose For Questionable Pic • New York Chooses First Black Female Boxing Czar

Illustration for article titled Gymnasts Pose For Questionable Pic • New York Chooses First Black Female Boxing Czar

Does this photo of the 2008 US Womens Olympic Gymnastics Team piss you off? If so, you're in agreement with Feminist Law Professors, who wonder if a photographer would ever ask the men's gymnastics team to stick their butts out like that. • Melvina Lathan will be the first black woman to chair the New York State Athletic Commission, meaning she is basically New York's boxing czar. She replaces Ron Stevens, a former "matchmaker" — he organized fights, not weddings. • Two Muslim women say they were refused jobs at a Dearborn, Michigan McDonald's — one of only two in the country to serve halal McNuggets — because they wouldn't remove their headscarves. • Reader-submitted awesome: The Girl Effect.


• Also awesome: Wallace and Gromit will appear in a new video game by Telltale Games, in which players can pilot either Wallace or Gromit through "zany entrepreneurial schemes." "We're certainly going for the clay look with this," says Telltale Games CEO. • Barred from competing in 1950 on suspicion of being a man, Dutch track star Foekje Dillema was actually a very rare "mosaic" of female and male chromosomes. • Over 50 dissident Catholic groups signed a letter to the Pope asking him to reconsider Catholicism's contraception ban. Vatican's response: this is ""paid propaganda in favor of the use of contraceptives." • Her mom called her "plain," and Meryl Streep overshadowed her in drama school, but Sigourney Weaver still grew up to be "the first woman action hero" and to give this funny, articulate interview to the Telegraph. • If you put all your money in Crocs, you're in trouble: shares of the company plummeted today. One doomsayer predicts that "with the weak economy, consumers may not be interested in new Crocs this year.'' Hey, a girl can hope! • Sound of Music news: Baron von Trapp's daughter Maria returns to her old family home for the first time since she fled the Nazis in the '30s. Of the movie, she says: all that singing really happened, but her dad was way nicer than Christopher Plummer. • Fewer men are attending church these days, prompting churches to organize 'beast feasts,' where men eat meat they hunted themselves. If they're Catholic, maybe they'd prefer some condoms. •

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Wait a minute. You're telling me someone wants me to become self-righteously angry that these girls are posing like every other girls sports team in the history of sports teams for a PICTURE as opposed to thinking about the fact that they are the nine most talented athelets in a sport that is among the most difficult and physically demanding in all sports, and who are poised to go to China and become the next — and ONLY SECOND — US Womens Gymnastics Team to win Olympic gold? I'm supposed to freak out ABOUT THEIR BUTTS, but not celebrate HOW FUCKING AWESOME they are?!!?!

Excuse, me I have to go lay down a few garbage bags in my kitchen. It'll be way easier cleanup after my head explodes.