Gwyneth Paltrow Is Opening a Real, Live Goop Pop-Up Store

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Late Thursday evening, Gwyneth Paltrow posted a photo to her Instagram that was destined to get the masses clamoring. It was a photo of her upcoming Goop stand-alone store. A Goop store. A GOOP store. GOOPSTORE.


"coming soon #gooppop" Gwyneth captioned the photo, which showed a simple white door with the words "goop" and "coming soon may 5-11." The shop seems to be located at The Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles.

This has been a busy time for Gwyneth. On Thursday, Goop's website crashed as crazed buyers tried to purchase shoes owned by Nicole Richie and Beyoncé (the proceeds went to charity). The company's CEO recently quit and Goop is relocating to LA from London. You may be aware that Gwyneth is also no longer with her husband Chris Martin.

Not explained in this photo: will Gwyneth work the counter of GoopPop? Will she star in a reality show where she's occasionally shown folding clothes and interacting with customers at the shop?

Furthermore, what will the store sell? A $7,000 backgammon table? An $180 decanter? $396 throw pillows? $75 oversized candles? An $85 very soft t-shirt? An $128 "large teal agate ita"?

Maybe a $375 bathing suit? A $500 anorak? $185 white jean cut-off shorts? $495 sneakers? A set of three bracelets for $3,525? A $200 yoga ensemble? Or just piles upon piles of Gwyneth's books?


Kate Dries

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