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Gwyneth Paltrow Continues To Promote Cute Kids, Not New Film

Gwyneth Paltrow continued her talk tour to hype Iron Man by hitting up Live! With Regis and Kelly this morning. Only, again, she did less talking about the movie and more talking about her kids, Moses and Apple. Moses, you see, has a funny accent, which Gwyneth eagerly imitates. And Apple? Well, she loves pinatas, which are very hard to come by in England. And Regis? Well, he seems to be mocking Gwyneth for just how hard her life is the entire time. Clip above.


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Semi-Helpful Tip;

Hey Gwyneth! You can buy pinatas online in almost virtually any shape.

Signed: Person with 2 kids, currently living in the Southwest, who refuses to settle for the selection at our local Krogers or the licensed characters from Walmart.