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This week, Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter gives us a peek at the books her friends are recommending this summer. Literary agent Luke Janklow has some fun ideas — and his own authors, interestingly, make an appearance.


For starters, Janklow himself appears to represent Tilly Bagshawe, author of Sidney Sheldon's Mistress Of The Game, and Jilliane Hoffman, author of Plea Of Insanity. Of Hoffman, Janklow said in a press release, "Jilliane made my job as her agent incredibly easy – she wrote a perfect book." Three other authors on Janklow's recommendations list — Alex Wellen, Gideon Defoe, and Rafael Yglesias, are represented by other agents at Janklow's agency. Andrew Gottlieb is repped by somebody at Janklow & Nesbit, and thanks Luke Janklow in his acknowledgements. That means of the six authors on Janklow's recommendations list, his agency represents... six.

It's not really strange that Janklow tried this move — we expect agents to market their books — but it's a little gross that Gwyneth Paltrow allowed it. She needs to get some more careful editors before GOOP becomes just some out-of-touch, advertorial-padded collection of celebrity ramblings that nobody respects.


Oh, wait.

Update: Gotta love this passage from a People magazine item that just went up about Gwyneth and GOOP:

"It's crazy. . . . crazy!" Paltrow chatted exclusively with PEOPLE about the site at the Children of the City‘s Champions of Hope Benefit Gala at the Tribeca Rooftop last night in N.Y.C. "I just love it. Corporate America is knocking at my door. . . . ‘Will you hawk my product'?" The answer is clearly no for the star's very personal project...

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