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Gwen & Gavin's Baby: Maybe A Boy, Maybe A Girl, Definitely A Goth

Illustration for article titled Gwen  Gavins Baby: Maybe A Boy, Maybe A Girl, Definitely A Goth
  • Gavin Rossdale says he and Gwen Stefani are not going paint the unborn baby's room pink or blue: They're going to paint it black. Goth bébé, aww. [E!]
  • John Mayer looooves to fuck with us. That's why he let himself be photographed carrying a "prescription bag" with a note that read "Experimental Human Growth Hormones, 2x daily." Haha, yeah, we know, The Hulk comes out today. Calm down. [E!]
  • Even if you could not care less about John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston, they do "look good together," and I hate when people say that. But it's true. Look at them. [ET]
  • Is everything OK between Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan? Instead of really DJing a party she was hired to spin, Sam was "uneasy and jittery," a spy says. "All she did was pop in CDs and spent much of the night outside on the phone, texting and chain-smoking." [Rush & Molloy]
  • Marcia Cross was in a minor car accident yesterday, but "everyone is fine." [ET]
  • Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson? Back together? Head. Exploding. [E!]
  • Supermodel Adriana Lima is engaged! The lucky dude is basketball player Marko Jaric; they've been dating for nine months. Freakishly tall and attractive kids to come? [People]
  • Rumor! Rashida Jones! Office spinoff! Rumor! [E!]
  • Jon Voight as a villain on 24? That's good casting. [Just Jared]
  • Colombia's foreign minister is upset by the lyrics in Carla Bruni's song, the one that goes: "You are my drug / More deadly than Afghan heroin / More dangerous than white Colombian." Uh, well, as this paper notes: "Colombia produces more than 80% of the world's cocaine." Ha! [Daily Express]
  • The eight-man, four-woman jury rewatched the sex tape before beginning deliberations in the R. Kelly child porn trial yesterday. What do we think? Will they find him guilty? [E!]
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may cancel their lavish $2 million wedding because no one wants to pay for pictures of the event? Tragic! For them. We consider ourselves lucky. [ONTD, via PopCrunch]
  • Heidi Montag: Seen wearing a T-shirt that reads, "I want more privacy." Hahaha, fuck you. [ONTD]
  • OMG they're making a new Witch Mountain movie? Mine my childhood some more, why don't you. [ET]
  • It's tough to explain why I love these pictures of Naomi Campbell drunkenly passing out on the street. [The Sun]
  • Naomi Campbell as a bridesmaid? Boggles the mind. [Page Six]
  • A battle of the biceps involving Mario Lopez and his A Chorus Line co-star? The end result being that the co-star got a 2(x)ist underwear ad? It's too early for this. [Page Six]
  • Someone swiped a $15,000 suitcase full of "bling" from a Russell Simmons Jewelry employee. Isn't Russ into like, yoga and meditation, not huge rocks? [Page Six]
  • Director Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) will never do rom coms. "Sleepless in Seattle can go fuck itself," he says. "Monsters are the most beautiful creatures in the universe. I have no interest in everyday life, except through a twisted mirror." [Page Six]
  • Little Coco Arquette: Seen wearing long blond wig and "vamping it up" at a Hollywood hot spot. Apparently she "kept asking her dad to braid her 'hair,' and every time she came through the dining room, she had a new hairstyle." She turns 4 today, but that kid gets Hollywood. [Page Six]
  • Is Elizabeth Hurley inspiration for a bitchy character in Ann Leary's new book? Ann is Denis Leary's wife, and Outtakes From A Marriage features a movie star who has a perfect bod and "only dates billionaires." [Rush & Molloy]
  • Madonna's brother says that her husband, Guy Ritchie, is uncomfortable around "queens." A source confirms: "Guy is a homophobe. At their wedding, Chris made a joke about Guy being gay. That set the tone for their relationship." Seriously? Would Madge put up with that? [Rush & Molloy]
  • Some dude is trying to sue Jay-Z for $88 million because Jay allegedly "stole" the technique of "whisper rapping" from him. 99 problems and a troll ain't one. [People]
  • Taylor Hicks is a Jonas Brothers fan. [People]
  • Nancy O'Dell's mom died. [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez met with Barack Obama's staff. WTF. I may weep. [People]
  • Zac Efron stinks. Literally. [Star]

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Love Guillermo del Toro, but love romantic comedies, too. Ah, the conundrum...