Listen, I understand that there are men out there with body image issues and eating disorders, and that it's a real problem. But for some reason, I don't have much patience for it. I think maybe I'm bitter because I had an ex-BF who was always freaking out about the way he looked and he would say stuff like, "I'm not comfortable in my own body. You wouldn't understand." And I'd be like, "What!? I'm a woman. You couldn't understand!" When MTV aired True Life: I Can't Stay Thin, about yo-yo dieters who always put the weight back on, I really related to the topic. But the story of Adam — a young man who was formerly obese, then quit his job, quit school, and moved away from the people he knew so he could focus on his disordered eating — annoyed me all over again. I don't know, maybe I just feel a little ownership over this stuff, since women are usually the ones with impossible expectations to live up to. Clip above.


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I also, for some reason, often have little patience for guys with petty body issues. (Though, in this clip, I actually wasn't annoyed. This guy's issues seem serious and I felt sympathy.)

I think part of the reason is that there is a larger range of "acceptable" body types for men. So when a man is just a little beefier, or has less muscle than he'd ideally like, or whatever, and he is obsessive about his appearance, I feel like - dude, you are fine, there are soo many out there for whom you are the ideal.

Whereas with women, there's really only one societal ideal - big boobs, flat stomach, long legs. Don't get me wrong, I know people find many different female body types attractive. I just don't think there is the same cookie-cutter universal ideal out there for men. The pressures are different.

Also, I think there is some jealousy from women at how much men can eat and how quickly they can lose weight. Their bodies don't cling to fat the way women's seem to. So, I think it seems "easy" to us and so we have little patience for their complaints.

I'm not saying these reasons are ok - in fact, they kind of grounded in a woman's own insecurities. But, I think this is where it's coming from when I feel like saying to a guy - you don't even KNOW.