Guys Txt Fastr Whn Thy Like U ; (

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According to a study just released in the UK, relationships and dating are more complicated now because of text messaging. 500,000 people reported having sent up to 100 "flirtatious" texts a month. And interestingly, the findings on the gender differences in texting are even more counterintuitive than the findings that men care more about having babies than women.


The research uncovers that men will text back their crush within the hour (57 minutes). Women, however, leave their dates hanging 22 minutes longer, taking an average of 1 hour 19 minutes to reply. Don't leave it any longer than 2 hours 36 minutes, though — this is officially the point when 'playing it cool' becomes 'plain rude.' ... Once again it is the women who leave men hanging after the first date, waiting an average of up to 2 hours 45 minutes compared to 1 hour 51 minutes to text their crush afterwards.


Okay. Is the UK a totally different universe? Texting back within hours of wrapping up the first date? Because here in the US it seems like most guys still subscribe to that ridiculous, old-fashioned "wait three days" rule. And are women really so slow in texting back? Because most we know are of the variety who reply to texts immediately. And correct us if we're wrong, but don't most men set out to use as few words as possible while texting? So that you're staring at the screen, trying to decode the message, wondering what its brevity could possibly mean?

So yeah, English men? The ones who send perfect texts, which, by the way, "take 1 minute 12 seconds to compose" according to the study? We'd like them to text us. Because we our phone is painfully silent today.

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My husband is English and during our dating phase he texted regularly and always returned my texts quickly.

But then again, I think texting etiquette has a lot to do with regular etiquette. If you are one of those people who never calls people back, you probably won't text back in a timely manner either.

These days I HATE texting. I think I only liked it when I was dating.