A new survey about top sources of stress reveals that men worry most about work, while women worry most about money and time and family and love and that weird mole and world hunger and and and and and...

Okay, not quite. But according to LiveScience, the poll (conducted by Polaris Marketing Research) found that "men were more likely to say work issues were causing them angst, while women were significantly more likely to cite financial issues, lack of time, family problems, living situation and relationship issues." Or, as LiveScience puts it, "Men Stressed Most by Work, Women by Life."

The survey also says women use different coping mechanisms than men, opting to "sleep, listen to music, surf the Internet, socialize, pray, read a book, write in a journal or eat their favorite comfort foods," while men prefer video games, working out, and drinking. The president of Polaris explains, "while women have more stressors in their lives, they also use more diverse ways of relieving stress."

This is a marketing survey, and not a scientific study, and we've already learned that women and men may well discuss their stressors differently โ€” guys, for instance, may think it's fine to talk about work stress, but less cool to admit worrying about their relationships. Still, it's interesting to see men's and women's worries broken down into "work" and "life" โ€” especially since "life" includes so very many different categories of worry. Our real anxieties probably aren't this gendered anymore, but the survey offers a handy illustration of an old stereotype: it's men's job to worry about the office, and women's job to stress about every other goddamn thing.

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