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Kim Kardashian and North West Attend Givenchy In Matching Sheer Outfits

Illustration for article titled Kim Kardashian and North West Attend Givenchy In Matching Sheer Outfits

Guys I have a lot of mixed feelings about what's going on here. On the one hand, I'm terrified that Baby North West is being indoctrinated into the shitshow that is fashion at such an early age. On the other hand, THAT SHEER SHIRT IS SO SMALL IT'S SO CUTE.


Kim (and Kanye) continued infecting Paris Fashion week with the "Fashion Flu" today, wearing black sheer lacy Givenchy number (complete with the jacket-over-one-shoulder look) to the Givenchy show. Oh by the way, Kardashian wore a custom Givenchy dress that one time she married Kanye West, so something tells me she's a fan. With her was her 15-month-old baby North in a matching sheer top. That's right, Baby North attended another event at Paris Goddamn Fashion Week. From Kim Kardashian's Instagram:


I'm not into the idea of bringing a baby to a fashion show. At all. But I am very into the idea that baby North is actually a baby supergenius and is merely putting up with her parents until she refines her motor skills a bit more. Then she's out the door. But she'll keep the Doc Martens.

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I don't see why anyone is surprised that Kim would force her daughter in front of the camera. The thing that shocks me is that Kanye was the one that said North is not gonna be "America's Baby." I'm not shocked that he is a hypocrite, because he's always flipped his rants to accommodate his agenda, but to let this child go to Fashion Week, especially after the paparazzi frenzy and the incident with the red carpet prankster. When is he going to put his foot down and say, this is not the life my daughter chose? They've been parading North around ever since the Beckham's daughter stole her mom's runway show while sitting next to Anna Wintour and Blue Ivy was the talk of Beyonce's MTV Video Vanguard award. Either stop pretending that you aren't like every other celebrity who pimps out their kids, or just admit that you want your child to be a celebrity and we can all stop judging your really bad parenting choices.