There are a lot of challenges that are presented to the survivalists who participate in the Discovery channel's reality show Naked and Afraid. One of those, apparently, is that if you live naked in the wilderness for 21 days, you run the risk of getting maggots in your butt.

While trying to survive in the grassy plains of Madagascar, Jeff confessed that his asshole was really itchy. He didn't know what to do about it, since he was naked, and there would be no underwear or pants to serve as a buffer to scratch it. He would have to use direct fingernail-to-asshole contact, which could kind of be dangerous considering that he had no soap and needed to use his fingers to eat.


Later it was revealed that Jeff had slept too close to the fire one night and had burned his buttcrack. Flies eventually laid eggs in his wound, which grew into maggots. Medical intervention was needed, however the show's producers spared the audience the more graphic imagery, and some of us are still trying to get over that disappointment. But if you want to read more about Jeff's experience, he writes about some behind-the-scenes stuff on his blog.