Even though a study has just come out showing that men "ranked good health, harmonious family life and good relationships with their wife or partner as more important to their quality of life than material, self-fulfilling or purely sexual concerns," author Michael Kimmel went on the Today show this morning to pimp his new book, Guyland*, which bemoans the culture of men between the ages of 16 and 26. Kimmel says America's young men are mostly interested in "binge drinking, violent porno, video games," and, using an old, tired trope, blames some of this "transformation" on feminism. According to Kimmel, in the past thirty years there's been a gender role shift and "this leaves a lot of men confused," Kimmel says. Men think, "What do you need me for?" Good god. Clip above.

*This book has been sitting on my nightstand for a week. I am going to read over the long weekend and get back to you with more revelations from Guyland after Labor Day.

Men Defy Stereotypes In Defining Masculinity [EurekAlert]