Guy Who Sounds Just Like Jeff Goldblum Makes Perfect Cat Video

I am here to break your heart.

This video is most likely not made by Jeff Goldblum. In a perfect universe, Jeff Goldblum would definitely spend his days narrating videos of his cat's peculiar eating habits. But as a thousand billion Redditors have already pointed out, this is just a guy who sounds a lot like Jeff Goldblum describing the weird way his cat likes to eat food. (There are some who have speculated that posting an old video of his cat on a random YouTube account is exactly something Jeff Goldblum would do. I'll leave you to theorize wildly about that.)


But if you ignore all of that and just happily pretend this is everyone's favorite dinosaur-themed movie star fawning over his cat, then you will have a very, very happy day indeed.

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I can't think of Jeff Goldblum without thinking of Jeff Goldblum Wafers.