Remember the guy who sang such a beautiful rendition of Adele's "Someone Like You" in the New York City subway? Well, now we've got word that he not only sings beautifully, he's also a genuine hero. One of our readers reports that she was in the 86th Street station about 10:30 this morning when the singing man—whom she sees there often and recognized from the video we posted—jumped to the rescue of someone who'd fallen onto the train tracks.

Apparently a man with a cane either jumped or fell onto the uptown tracks, and once he was down there, he couldn't get himself out. There weren't many people on his side of the platform at the time, but he was also visible to everyone on the downtown side of the tracks. Nobody was quite sure what to do—though our tipster reports she tried calling 911, but she had no reception. And then, out of nowhere "Someone Like You" man ran down and jumped onto the downtown tracks, crossed over the third rail, and brought the man back over to the downtown side where he was able to be pulled back up onto the platform. Then our hero pulled himself up to safety too.

Less than 40 seconds later, a train came pulling into the station—so crisis really was averted. It sounds like "Someone Like You" man, whom Refinery29 identifies as Damon Scott, deserves a medal (and a lifetime of hundred dollar bills in his bucket) for making the subway a better place in all kinds of ways.


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Image via Andrey Yushkov/Shutterstock.