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Guy Who Lost Wisconsin Recall Election Wins a Slap in the Face

Illustration for article titled Guy Who Lost Wisconsin Recall Election Wins a Slap in the Face

In case you missed it, last night, citizens of Wisconsin voted to keep their asshat of a governor in office in a recall election that garnered national media attention. It was a contentious, divisive race — Wisconsinites on both sides were pretty fired up about it, with voter turnout shattering expectations — and one that stands to seriously impact public sector employees across the state. Things were so heated that one woman, furious with challenger Tom Barrett's failure to defeat Scott Walker, slapped the Democrat across the face after he conceded the election.


The woman was reportedly upset with the Milwaukee mayor for rolling over and conceding the race — like a submissive male wolf encountering an alpha male — while voters in the building were still waiting in line to cast their ballots.

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But the slap didn't come from nowhere; according to Politico, the woman asked Barrett if it was okay if she slapped him. He responded that he preferred hugs and leaned forward expecting some friendliness. Team Slap won.



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Tweed Girl

Rachel Maddow has been talking a lot about the huge amout of money Scott Walker had behind his campaign. Why does it always come down to money?

I am a few days behind in listening to her podcast, and I think she will be so sad, it may ruin my day to listen now...

Don't cry Rachel, the sun will come out tomorrow....