Guy Loves Cheese So Much He Eats a Wheel of Brie on the Subway

Yo, I know you thought your week was shaping up pretty good, so I hate to break it to you like this, but what's actually been going on is that your entire existence has been hot garbage up until this moment. Because you didn't even know about a little something called OH, JUST BEN LINUS* EATING AN ENTIRE WHEEL OF CHEESE ON THE TRAIN. This guy gives so few fucks he's making fuck-eaters go extinct.

Via Gothamist via Twitter user Jim:

Homeboy was seriously enjoying a half wheel of what must have been a severely aged Brie with crackers. He'd dig his gross fingers into the Brie, dig out a piece, slap on a cracker and throw it down. The Brie was highly fragrant and most straphangers were appalled. He also licked his fingers after each bite (perhaps my biggest pet peeve/gross out move). He got off at Atlantic/Barclay, boarded the R and left the subway at Union St. Clearly Park Slope's finest. It gave me the chills to watch his saliva soaked fingers dive repeatedly into that ripe cheese.


This guy knows that sometimes you just GET THE HUNGER. #rolemodel #blessed #cheese

*No. I know.

Subway Cheese Snob Savors Half A Wheel Of Brie On Evening Commute [Gothamist]

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