Guy Looking for an Imaginary Girlfriend on Ruby Sparks: 'Mind Blown'

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A man alleging to be the visionary behind a Craigslist Missed Connection posted earlier this week has written in to let us know that he loved all the feedback to his plea for love. And he has more to say!


This young man both emailed me and commented on the post with the following feedback:


Hey everybody! So I am the guy who wrote and often reposts this ad on craigslist. Someone from this site emailed me and told me about this feature. It was so much fun to read all the responses; be they points of disgust or acknowledgments of shared past experience.

Someone from the site? Coworker/commenter, show yourself now.

It was very entertaining to see the outrage and the hey-he's-not-so-bad further probing alike.

I thought it would be fun to come on here and be super frank. I know this may incur the wrath of the internet monster, but hey, who really cares :)

Who really does care? :)

So I am 25. I am a hopeless romantic. I am physically attracted to that ''type'' of woman and intellectually attracted to that kind of mind (however fictitious all of that may be). But, trust me, I do not expect to run into this girl nor do I believe she even exists. Most importantly - if I did meet this girl, christ, we'd be bored stiff of each other after a week! Haha. Of course I don't actually expect/want this immaculate fiction to be realized. That would be worse than watching 500 Days of Summer again!


500 Days of Summer is a good movie if you skip around and don't watch all the boring parts, FYI.

Some people mentioned thoughts on becoming self aware and the reality of an ACTUAL relationship. Thankfully I discovered these things a loooooong time ago and they have contributed to my grander education immensely. Thats what life's all about right? I have been in four long term relationships, one of which lasted 3 years. You can't not learn about yourself or the reality of life with experiences like this as I am sure you all know.

So what prompted a post on craigslist like this? Well, there are a few things. 1. Quitting Facebook means you have to find new ways of entertaining yourself on the internet. 2. My last relationship, of a few months, was with a severely and tragically troubled girl. Having witnessed her psychiatric issues take her in and out of mental hospitals, I was worn out, scooped out and broken mentally. This post could be seen as brain vomit contributing to my dealing with an intensely testing time. 3. Experimenting is fun!


Whoa things have taken a turn.

I am sure this will open up a whole new plethora of suppositions about my character and how ill advised my observations are, but guys, thats thing, its life, we are all different and its ironic how infuriating some people here have become in seeing my hopeless-romantic attitude not adhering to their ideals.

Come on guys surely we all hold cringe worthy thoughts, concepts and feelings within ourselves. We have the ability to edit ourselves as we see fit via social networking and clever body language. Some of us are pretty comfortable revealing all (not necessarily on the internet, but in social circumstances than others) and thats ok. But the instant vitriolic hate here is just as silly as the post from an ill-informed-idealistic-introvert no?

I look forward to meeting someone completely ________, _______ & ______ someday.

Love and peace :)


This young gentleman wrote to me that he thought my post was "hilarious" (Thank you! My mother likes my work too), let me know that the Huffington Post picked it up and added that he enjoyed the discussion in the comments section: "Whether it was a scathing remark or an endearing observation it made me laugh and made my evening pretty interesting."

Finally, he concluded with, "Just finished watching Ruby Sparks for the first time. Mind blown. Wtf." Should we let him know Paul Dano is dating Zoe Kazan in real life?


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