Gun-Toting Beauty Queen Locked Up For Biting, Kidnapping Ex-Beau

More news about bad behavior by beauty pageant winners. Former Miss Desert Sun, current University of Arizona law student, and wielder of HK-51 machine guns Kumari Fulbright, 25, is currently being held in an Arizona jail on five felony charges, including armed robbery, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. ABC News reports that Fulbright, along with two men, allegedly kidnapped her ex-boyfriend, and according to court documents, "'bit [her ex-boyfriend] several times while he was bound, stuck a butcher knife in his ear ... said she was going to kill him, [and] pointed a pistol at him." Fulbright's lawyers are trying to discredit her ex-boyfriend, saying that his "criminal history" sullies him as a witness, though the Arizona Daily Star has police insisting that the man's "injuries were consistent with his story."


The above photo of Fulbright is from a Great Guns calendar being sold on the website the internet home for all your firearm needs (Kumari is Miss May). Even better, the calendar's covergirl appears to be America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 contestant and fellow Tucson native Jayla Rubinelli. (Who says former ANTM contestants never go anywhere?) Here's Jayla's cover shot. At least Tyra can take solace in the fact that Jayla is smiling with her eyes and probably not in jail right now for assault with a deadly weapon!

Pinup Girl Law Student Indicted in Kidnap [ABC News]

2 Brothers Sought In Abduction-Torture-Robbery Case [Arizona Daily Star]


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