Guess Which RNC Speakers Have Histories of Alleged Abuse?

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Last night, the crowd at the Republican National Convention cheered wildly at Mitt Romney's suggestion that motherhood is the most important job in the family. They roared with enthusiasm when the CEO of Staples brought up the idea of onsite child care for working mothers. And Ann Romney's Tuesday evening comments about how women work harder than men were still being buzzed about at the convention's close. Am I on the tamest acid trip ever or is the Republican Party suddenly a bastion of feminism? Not really — they still managed to get two men with histories of abuse allegations onstage last night.


Olympic bobsledder Bill Schuffenhauer joined Romney onstage last night for a special tribute to the Salt Lake City Games Mitt Romney headed a decade ago. But during the 2006 games, Schuffenhauer was detained by police after an argument with his girlfriend (and the mother of his two children) turned violent. Schuffenhauer was questioned for a few hours and released without being arrested.

Libertarian weirdo Clint Eastwood's speech to an empty chair was preceded by a demand he made on a former long term girlfriend — an empty uterus. Sondra Locke and Eastwood were together for 14 years, and during their time together, she claims that he pushed her to have two abortions and a tubal ligation.

Motherhood is important. So important. Unless it's not.



EisenBolan, SJW

I bet virtually all at that convention would not believe Sandra Locke's statement. I bet they would say "stop lying about Clint" since repugs stick together.