Gucci Breaks Tradition With Drew

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  • Drew Barrymore is the first-ever celebrity face of Gucci, picked because some PR bullshit like "sense of humor" and "sensitivity" and "confidence." We say it's because she's thin now! [WWD
    , 2nd item]
  • Kohl's stock rose 4.4% yesterday, and the predicted continued upward growth is being attributed to mounting momentum from Kohl's collaboration with one of our all-time favorite hard-working sluts, Vera Wang. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Getting rejected from Fashion Week sounds eerily similar to being rejected from college. Designers who were declined admission to show in the tents this year received a letter stating: "While we would have loved to present your collection in the tents this season, we have had an overwhelming number of requests for time slots and spaces....Please give us another try next season (Feb. 1-8) when we hope we can be more flexible and accommodating." Hey, designers — take it from us, no one gets off the waitlist for an Ivy....except, you know, maybe Penn. [WWD, 1st item]
  • The burning questions over Chicago's recent anointment as cool fashion city still loom: Is Chicago designer Maria Pinto cool because she dresses Michelle Obama? Or are Obama and Pinto made cool because they're from Chicago? The world may never know. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Stella McCartney will be launching the first-ever virtual anti-fur protest on July 12 (virtual! how Web 2.0! and will be serving Linda McCartney veggie burgers at the actual event (Linda burgers! how old-school!). [Vogue UK]
  • Fashion deep thought of the day: When a Commes des Garcons model speaks of his tenure, what does he say? "I loved the clothes [Commes des Garcons designers] Rei [Kawakubo] designed for me to wear." Whoah. [Vogue UK]
  • Marc Jacobs is using models — and not childs! — in his Fall 2007 ad campaign. What is the world coming to?! [Sassybella]



On Drew being the new Gucci girl: Go shorter girls, go!

On being rejected by Fashion Week: Well, even if I DID become a designer (which won't happen, since I'm not exactly the world's best artist), I'll probably be rejected every time because I won't be making sample sizes that would fit runway models...unless suddenly, runway models became 5'5" or less and a size 0 or 2.