Prepare your inbox because you're about to get inundated with emails from the moms, grandmas and elderly aunts in your life, all of them wanting to know if you've ever heard of this "Grumpy Cat" that they saw on TV this morning. Yes, Grumpy Cat has now appeared on the Today Show and is officially mainstream.

For those of you unfamiliar, Grumpy Cat is the known alias of Tardar Sauce, a frown-y faced cat whose photo went viral after her owner Bryan Bundesen posted it to Reddit. But as the old saying goes, never judge a cat by its super pissed off expression. Bundesen tells Today, "She looks so grumpy that you [can't] help but be happy when you look at her. She's like a stress reliever for everybody." He also points out that, despite her moniker, Grumpy Cat is not so grumpy after all: "She is so docile. She loves to be held, petted. She's a super happy cat."

That's what she wants you to think, Bryan, but just you wait — this cat's gonna team up with Lil Bub and collapse the internet.

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