Growing Up, Everyone Did Dirty Things With Their Barbies

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We're going through a bit of a Barbie phase right now. We built a Barbie electric chair following some instructions online. Our first attempt bombed, but we tried it again today and filmed it. Video to come! But actually, we were mostly sexual, not violent, with our Barbies when we were younger, and we were happy to see that we weren't the only pre-teen perverts. After we posted the amazing Barbie porno video yesterday evening , we read through the comments and laughed our asses off at what other women have done:

Oh my god. My best friend and I did this with Tiny Tears dolls when we were ten years old, in my upstairs hallway, "hiding" under towels as we watched. I don't care if that's TMI, she grew up to be a lesbian and I grew up to be every other kind of sexual deviance [sic].

I played Playboy Bunny Barbie/Stripper Barbie/Gotta-Get-Paid-For-Sex-to-Pay-The-Rent-Barbie. I envy her though. I'd love to get regularly shagged in a Dream House with my closet full of clothes and shoes with my Ferrari parked outside.

My Barbie and Ken were never so romantic. They were more circus show, do the splits kind of sexers.


Us too! When we were 10, we were told that "kinky sex" is when a woman bends over backwards completely and the man has sex with her standing up, so that position often made its way into our Babs and Ken fucking repertoire.

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Ok - confession time. I was a Barbie addict! My best friend and I played with them until we were at least 14 ... secretly in the basement and they did loads of naughty things. They had skimpy lingerie we made, humped in their little bed and all over the rest of their "house" (we converted my parent's boiler room into a Barbie duplex with masking tape). Multiple partners, pregnancy, kinky sex, there was a wayward molesting Ken who had cupped hands that perfectly fit over Barbies boobies ... as we learned about sex we practiced the logistics with our Barbies. They were lesbians for a while too.

As life would have it, my friend's Barbie was always a little skankier than mine and that's how we turned out too!