I can't tell if this is the type of news you'll be happy to hear because at least someone got to go behind the scenes, or if you won't be happy to hear it because you're fuming with envy, but I'm glad to give you the information anyway. Do with it what you will.

Here's what one sweepstakes winner had to say about their experience on the set:

To say that I was amazed would be an understatement; I was more than just amazed, I was stunned. We got a glimpse and a behind-the-scenes view of several set locations, which included the Gamemakers' Headquarters and the Districts, and a full tour of the Training Center. It was remarkable how something I read several months earlier on paper could be translated into reality. I remember talking with several of the actors and how they said the Training Center "was their playground" and on their first day, how they "spent a majority of the day just climbing around and checking it out." It was truly fascinating.

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