Group Dating: Can You Judge A Guy By The Tools He Hangs Out With?

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Even though humans have been pairing up since the dawn of time, every generation has its own particular mating rituals. Arranged marriages? So last century. Blind dates? Retro. Nerve, e-Harmony, Yawn. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new hot thing is group dating. You're thinking: Guys and girls hanging out together? That's not new. That's called high school. But this is group dating 2.0. Because the process begins — just like everything these days — online.The way sites like, and the Facebook application "Meet New People" work is this: You and your friends form a group. Groups go out with other groups. Any individual in the group can ask another group out on a date, but everyone in the group goes. The thing is, group dating overlooks a huge problem: Some dudes have shitty fucking friends you do not want to hang out with. If you scroll through the "groups" of men on Ignighter, you'll see a bunch of pictures of "boys being boys." They're making stupid faces, screaming while wearing sports jerseys, looking cocky while holding beer bottles. It's hard to envision a scenario in which a woman would look at these goofy photos and want to date — or even meet these men. Sure, they're probably perfectly nice guys, but there's something about seeing them in "bro" mode. It's just not romantic. Or sexy. Or appealing. (By the by, the pictures I saw of "groups" of women were smiley, classy and cutesy.) Clearly it's important for single men and women who want to meet other single men and women to get out there and find each other. But what if you're attracted to a guy and repulsed by his friends? Or what if you're repulsed by a guy but charmed by his friends? And what if you do like the guy but suddenly find that the "group date" is just a big cockblock? (Oh, and do you need a website to teach you how to group date?) All Together Now [Wall Street Journal]



Definitely a great subject. You can ABSOLUTELY judge a guy based on his friendS. If someone has ONE asshole friend: all right, it happens. Two? Still acceptale. If all of your boyfriend's/husbands friends are total twatwads, watch out! (Incidentally, I not only love all my husband's friends and consider them friends of mine, I love all their girlfriends, too!)

Oh, and that photo was PROBABLY taken at a family get together of mine. All my cousins look like that... sadly...