Gross YouTube Genre Is Populated By Pimple-Loving Girls

I don't know about you, but some of us on staff here are obsessed with blemishes, whether on our own bodies or those of significant others. (That's Rihanna and Chris Brown at left.) Somehow, we discovered that the zit-popping video is its own sub-genre on YouTube: There's clip after stomach-turning clip of some of the most disgusting stuff you'll ever see in your life. (Why haven't Oprah and Dr. Oz gotten in on this yet?)The funny thing is that in most of these videos, there's usually at least one woman present, and she's enjoying the extraction more than anybody else. What is it about pimple-popping that is so appealing to women? [Well, I have some ideas! -Ed.] Here's a warm up clip. Proceed at your own risk, people.

Here is a clip of girls popping a pimple on a friend's butt.

This might be one of the most disgusting lancings you'll ever see in your life.

Here's one of a girl popping a zit on a guy's back. Actually, this might just be one of the most disgusting things you'll ever see in your life.

Here's a guy who has a zit on his chest that is so big, it looks like a third nipple.

More bacne.

This guy has a clogged pore in his eyelid and went to a doctor to have it scooped out. His girlfriend is gleefully recording the entire thing.

Woman and children filming a guy squeezing about a gallon of puss out of his neck.

Remember Neveen from Bad Girls Club 2? Here she is squeezing a boil out of her armpit.

By far the worst one. After you watch this, you will never want to eat soft white cheese again.

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