Gross Cop Accused of Demanding Sexual Favors for Legal Help

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Today in awful, a Pittsburgh cop is accused of offering to make women's legal problems go away if they "satisfied him" with various sexual favors. And it looks like his department may have waited years to do anything about it.

According to Pittsburgh Live, three unnamed women have made complaints against officer Adam M. Skweres. One says he approached her at a Pittsburgh courthouse and offered to write a good letter for her to Allegheny County Children Youth and Families if she gave him sexual favors. If she didn't, though, he would write her a negative letter. She declined the offer. Another said he stopped her after a traffic accident and said he could make her ticket disappear "in exchange for a favor. ... (It) doesn't have to be sex, we could do other things." He also allegedly looked down at his gun and told her that if she told anyone about his advances, she'd be silenced. The third, and possibly most disturbing, allegation is as follows:

A [...] woman told police that Skweres entered her home two months ago and offered to help her boyfriend who was under arrest if she would grant a sexual favor. The woman told police that she became terrified when he unzipped his pants and agreed to expose her buttocks to him "in order to satisfy him," the complaint states.


Skweres has been charged with bribery, official oppression, coercion and attempted indecent assault, and is scheduled to be arraigned soon. He's also suspended from the police department without pay. If the women's accusations are true, then he's guilty of more than just harassment. Their stories imply he had a pattern of seeking out vulnerable women and using his position of power to intimidate them into servicing him sexually. Even more upsettingly, the department may have looked the other way for several years — the first accusation dates from 2008. Elizabeth Pittinger, executive director of the Citizen Police Review Board, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "It's a very unsettling situation. That time frame is concerning." Concerning indeed — if his department knew about his behavior and did nothing, they're guilty too.

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I suspect there is at least some "awareness effect" going on here. I suspect that there is not a huge uptick in shitty cops (though some, which I will explain later), but really just a better oversight movement through more omnipresent media and social media allowing people to become aware of just how many cops are dicks in the first place. It's one thing if you know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who had a bad experience with a cop. It's another to read these stories all the time online.