Gross? Beyond Gross?

"More Sick Porn Fantasies From The Left Aimed At Conservative Women" was Right Wing News's verdict on this tasteful nude Ann Coulter drawing from the latest Wall Street Journal parody thing. "The very same libs who are the first ones to yell 'sexist' at the top of their lungs when the mildest gibe is tossed at a woman on the Left, either keep their mouths shut or laugh along at the most grotesque, sexual insults aimed at conservative women," the site charges. Well now, speaking as the last liberal to want to yell "sexist" at any decibel level or give a shit what the Right Wing News says, I have to say I'm having trouble laughing, so I thought I'd open my mouth and ask you... Funny? I'm kind of skeeved. Although the fake headline "Cleaning Lady Sees Virgin In Merrill Lynch Q4 Loss" is kind of great. [WSJ Parody]

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