Yesterday we wrote about a fashion blogger who was so inspired by Berlin's uber-chic Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe that he held a mini fashion shoot in between the pillars meant to evoke memories of millions of massacred people.


It turns out Grindr users are also into posing amidst the concrete slabs as well! Why?!?!?

Dodai: Maybe because they're big and hard?
Me: Maybe because it makes them look "cultural?"
Me: No, I guess that's not what people on Grindr are going for.


Heeb is kind of touched by the men who are trying to find fuck buddies by flexing their muscles at the memorial:

Despite these dudes' incredibly bad judgement, doesn't this sort of feel like the ultimate "Fuck You" to the Nazis? Not only is there a Holocaust memorial commemorating atrocities against Jews, Gypsies and yes, homosexuals, but it's helping some 21-year-old Jewish bottom boy get DP'd (Google it…but, not at work) by two burly Germans.


That's certainly one way to look at it!

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