Grinding Teens Sprayed With Lysol at Worst Prom Ever

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Imagine the scene: It's Prom night at Manitou Springs High School, Manitou Springs, Colorado. The event's theme is "Lost in Pandora" which, um, is Avatar-inspired? Maybe? So perhaps City Hall —where the Prom is held — is decorated to look like an enchanted, otherworldly forest, with vines and trees and flowers. Pretty! So you're a student at this prom, and the music is bumpin', and you're dancing. It's a magical night! Suddenly: psssshhhhhhh! Lysol. In your face.


According to The Smoking Gun, Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, both 42-year-old mothers, were acting as chaperones at the dance. They took their duties seriously; they were dressed in combat boots, military fatigues, and military undershirts. A police officer was working security for the event, and the women told him that the kids inside were "dancing like they are having sex with clothes on." The cop took a look, saw nothing out of the ordinary, and returned to his post. Here's what allegedly happened next:

A school administrator told police that he had received reports from students that the chaperones had kicked several students out of the prom for improper dancing, and that both women were "spraying students with Lysol disinfectant who were dancing, and calling the girls ‘whores' and ‘sluts.'"

One student claims Rockey sprayed Lysol directly at dirty dancers, "which got on their clothing, mouth, and eyes. The spray caused the students to cough and leave the area."

Talk about a night to remember. The worst part? Although Farmer and Rockey have had harassment charges filed against them, they are denying spraying Lysol. TSG claims "the alleged spraying did not figure in the criminal counts."

Can we all agree that spraying or no spraying, if Farmer and Rockey called the girls whores and sluts, they went too far? And if they did spray: how did pearl-clutching turn into disinfectant-spraying? Also, seems like when you kick kids out of an event for grinding fully clothed, they're probably going to want to go somewhere and grind nekkid.

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Well apparently these ladies were raised to believe that real young ladies leave room for the Holy Spirit when you are dancing with a boy.