Grim & Grimmer: Nadya Suleman's 7-Year-Old Says Something Awful

Last night's Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage left many feeling sympathetic toward mother-of-14 Nadya Suleman. Her mom is a pain-in-the-ass, her nannies are irksome, she hasn't gotten laid in nine years, and sadly, her kids don't seem to like her.

In the two-hour documentary—which was filmed and produced by RadarOnline and aired last night on Fox—Nadya admitted that she resents herself because she sees how her six older children have been negatively affected by the birth of the octuplets, saying, "I screwed up my life, I screwed up my kids' lives. I have to put up this strong facade and pretend like I don't regret it."

And while her circumstances have been brought about by her own actions, it must be really hard to have your 7-year-old say to you:

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And even harder to have your 2-year-old call you a:

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Her son Caleb seems to be the most badly-behaved of her 14 children; of course it could probably be chalked up to the "terrible twos." However, he definitely exhibited a violent streak, getting aggressive with the camera people, kicking one of the infants in the head, and slapping his mother across the face when he was ordered into a "time out."


In fact, all of the older children appeared to hate being filmed by the camera crew, and repeatedly ran away, smacked the cameras, cried. Still, Nadya is interested in doing a reality show, as she thinks that it will be beneficial for her children by providing opportunities for "adventures" and travel.

Actually, the camera people seemed to annoy everyone except Nadya. Below is the video of the octuplets' birth; everyone in the operating room was pissed off that it was being filmed.


It seems odd that Nadya would want any additional attention or scrutiny—of the kind the Gosselins are subjected to—since she seems to have become so paranoid by her experiences as a public figure thus far. This was one extreme example:

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Nadya believes that her home is haunted because her nannies (five on day shift, four on night shift) told her that they heard "footsteps and running around upstairs." (Nadya later freaked out when she was on the toilet and heard someone whisper "Mommy.") Such incidents would be par for the course in a house of 14 children, but it freaked her out enough that she bought bibles for each room in the house.

It also seemed strange to me that Nadya would be so easily influenced by her nannies, since she's had so many problems with them. (One of them bizarrely kept making jokes about abducting the infants, leading to all of the nannies eventually being fired.)


Lastly, here are 10 factoids learned from Octomom:

1.) Nadya trademarked "Octomom."
2.) Nadya claims to never have had any plastic surgery or lip plumping.
3.) Nadya never worked as a stripper, as some tabloids reported.
4.) Nadya loves chocolate.
5.) Nadya has not had sex in over nine years.
6.) Nadya doesn't like when people say the word "sex."
7.) Nadya secretly wanted the biological father of her children to be in their lives, but told him until a year ago.
8.) Nadya hopes that one day the biological father will choose to reveal his identity to the world.
9.) Nadya's mom said, "I haven't forgiven [my daughter] yet. I'm not comfortable in her presence anymore."
10.) None of Nadya's children wanted to wish her "Happy Mother's Day" on Mother's Day.


It was a grim night all around.

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Ok, I'm not American, so a probably don't get this properly. but why:

-did a doctor implant EIGHT embryos into the utherus of an obviously mentally unstable woman?

-does she get to keep these babies when it's clear thats she can't take care of them?

-are the filming a person abusing children and making a show out of it?

I actually think jezebel is making a big mistake by promoting this show so much. Why anyone would benefit from making, participating or watching this shit is beyond me.