Grey Gardens: Where Are They Now?

For PBS' documentary series Independent Lens, filmmaker Albert Maysles tracked down Jerry Torre, the young man featured in the 1975 cult classic Grey Gardens, and found out what his life is like today.

Jerry, who once lived with the Big Edie and Little Edie Beale in their dilapidated East Hampton mansion for four years, now drives a cab in New York City. In Maysles' new documentary, Grey Gardens: From East Hampton to Broadway, which aired last week, Jerry speaks fondly about his experiences with the women and expresses amazement at the success of the original film and its adaptation on Broadway. Grey Gardens: From East Hampton to Broadway also includes the 82-year-old Mayles discussing how Grey Gardens the movie was originally panned in the New York Times as being exploitative of two mentally ill women. In the clip below, Albert explains how offended the Beales were at that summation, and produces a letter that Little Edie wrote to the New York Times — which was never published — defending herself, her mother, the Maysles brothers, and the film itself.

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This is playing at LACMA on Sunday 1/11 at 1pm for $10. Tickets just went on sale last week and were still available on Friday. One of the Maysles is speaking afterwards.