'Grey Ant' Less Offensive, More Intricately Nuanced, Than "Gray Rape"

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Fashionista described the styles of Grey Ant, which held a much-buzzed "indie" show Tuesday, as "if the apocalypse were a party"; to me, it looked like, "a pool party where all the guests decided that, instead of not eating an hour before getting into the water, they would fast a month before getting into the water, just to be on the safe side." Which is to say, it was like every pool party in LA, which is also to say, that apocalypse thing = not far off. (Surprisingly to no one, the designer of this collection, Grant Krajeki, hails from Silverlake.) Budweiser sponsored the show, so the goody-bags were equipped with bottle openers and some indeterminate products made by the hair care company Rusk, which is not affiliated with the former Secretary of State. (Why do these events make me nerdier than I even actually am?.)


Miscellaneous observations: About one in every two people watches these things really intently, like you're at church and they're the ones who actually believe in the Miracle of Trans-substantiation, and that it's going on right now. Fashionista blogger Faran Krentcil, whom we can thank for this photo, was among the transfixed, a state she later told me was on account of the "exemplary cut" of the pants (I was too distracted by the tie-dye capes and the gratuitous drawstrings on display to notice). The show boasted some very nice, tight, simple but intricately-cut dresses, for those of you who actually wear dresses. A person who actually knew what was happening alerted me to the presence of Kate Lanphear of Elle, Kristin Rawson of Teen Vogue, Valerie Bolster of Vogue, and Aya Kanai of Nylon, who was accompanied by the inimitable Cory Kennedy, whom Nylon is taking to some shows, the insider explained, in much the way the Elle hosts Maggie Rizer or I have always wanted to host, like, Rza at the White House Correspondent's Dinner.

At Grey Ant, Flashbacks and Flashbulbs [Fashionista]



So is Grey Ant a variation on Grant, the designer of the collection?

Separately, and to Moe's point, do Jezebels wear dresses? I've put the skirts away since moving from DC, where back in the day, it was a virtual uniform for the womenfolk. And I think you can rock a seriously sexy suit wearing pants, but my gf and I were speculating on how many more women these days are wearing dresses. Not skirts either, but one-piece dresses. Weddings don't count. Nor do black-ties.