Greta Van Susteren โ€” who, truth be told, I really liked when we met โ€” called Canadian columnist Heather Mallick "a pig" for Mallick's ugly anti-Palin statements (including calling her "white trash," a "porn star," and suggesting she shoot Levi Johnson โ€” for real). Few people who have read me lately can doubt that I think Mallick's statements are beyond the pale and that she deserves to be called out. But "pig"? I don't like that much either โ€” and I like it less that she sort of defends it in a blog post. "Jerk" is fine โ€” hell, I'd be fine calling Mallick an asshole, though not on the air โ€” but "pig" gets into body-image places we shouldn't go. [TV Newser, CBC News, Fox News]