Greatest Man Alive Pitbull Drops New Video With Ne-Yo For Best NYE Jam

Pitbull's latest album, Global Warming, is characteristically packed with feel-good party jams, but not all of them are populist, per se—aspirational, yes, but not everyone can actualize their fantasies about "sexy beaches/ hotels" when they're trying to scrape up rent. But Mr. Worldwide was not always globally sound, and in the new video for "Time of Our Lives," he not only pays homage to his broke days but also portrays himself (sans rows) on New Year's Eve 2000—when he was just a struggling Miami rapper on Luther Campbell's fledgling label tryna get a hit with friend and fellow partymonger Lil Jon. It all worked out!


"Time of Our Lives" is a great single—as previously noted, Ne-Yo sounds better than he has in years, and Pit is employing a comparatively chill flow, appropriate for the subject matter. The video's plot sees Pit wearing characteristically early '00s Hurricanes gear and lamenting his bank account, but luckily his tía (or whomever) inspires him to have a rent party so he can pay the bills. What ensues is a good old fashioned house jumpoff, the kind you don't need a ton of money to throw, and a perfect Miami countdown to the new year. There is so much feelgood fun in this clip I would like to extend a sincere thank you and/or fuck you Pit for making me totally full-on nostalgic for the early aughties, something I have successfully avoided until this very second. Maybe I just think dudes in slightly oversized basketball jerseys are really fly? And I miss that time, no thanks to Jay-Z. Whatever. Someone please invite me to your NYE house party!



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