Great Vogue Editions Think Alike: China Battles Japan Over Coat

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  • Oh no! The sameJohn Galliano coat appears on the cover of both Vogue China and Vogue Japan this month? You think they got them mixed up??? [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Celeb fragrances? We know, you were worried the whole industry was dying! But no. New scents from Jennifer Lopez, Tim McGraw, Sean "Jay-Z" Carter's Rocawear, and Christina Aguilera will all be out within the year and the word on the street is that Jennifer Aniston is going to be the next star to get smelly. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Botox is getting a competitor! They would show concern, but their faces no longer register emotion. [WSJ]
  • Isaac Mizrahi the Holiday-Themed-Cabaret-Show? Seriously, those are the greatest words ever placed in consecutive order. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Former Pete Doherty fiance/model Irina Lazarau and son-oh-John-and-Yoko Sean Lennon provided the soundtrack for the Chanel Maisons d'Art fashion show yesterday. Also, the show supposedly had an English countryside chic theme. Also, the models all sported beehives. Um, why do none of these facts add up? [Vogue UK]
  • Yves Saint Laurent: now a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor! President Nicolas Sarkozy presented the designer with the honor at Saint Laurent's home yesterday. Catherine Deneuve was there to watch. [WWD, 3rd item]
  • Moncler, makers of schmancy puffy coats, has partnered with the Swiss Skiing School of St. Moritz in a Project Runway-esque move of providing uniforms for their ski instructors. How do you know when you are really, really rich? Taking lessons from those guys might be your first clue. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Shocker: New York department store Henri Bendel has seen a surge in popularity (and the dollars popularity brings) since getting name-dropped left and right on Gossip Girl. Bonus: the actresses who play S and B have taken to shopping there for reals. [Um, we're on a first initial basis with these girls now, Jen? Just checking. -Moe] [WWD, 5th item]
  • Model Karen Elson just signed to a new modeling agency, which is interesting only because we are still getting over the fact that she is the mother of the children of Jack White. [Vogue UK]
  • We resent being told how to wash our face. [BellaSugar]

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@bess marvin, girl detective: "yet another white face for vogue japan. am i missing something here?"

Actually, the situation is a little bit more complicated than it seems at first glance. In Japan, fashion magazines tend to target very narrow markets broken down by age and style, so each magazine has a very consistent, narrowly-defined look. In general I would break down Japanese fashion mags into two categories: Japanese style and Western style. The Japanese style ones have a roster of models who are Japanese and look more or less like prettier versions of the target audience and re-appear in each issue. These magazines tend to focus on more practical fashion matters like "15 ways to wear black" or "how to come up with outfits for every day of the month with x number of clothing" and show clothing that one can wear outside of the house without appearing to be insane. The Western style fashion mags are more like the magazines that we are used to seeing in the States, where the models are usually white fashion models, and the fashion shoots are the outrageously styled shoots featuring outrageously expensive couture clothes that comes with the typical Western fashion magazine.

So the while Nippon Japan almost always features white models, there are tons of Japanese fashion magazines that use almost exclusively Japanese models. One example is CanCam, which I have heard is currently the single most popular women's fashion magazine in Japan. Other fashion magazines that use mostly Japanese models include Non-no (my favorite!), JJ, Kera, Cutie, Mini, Spring, Classy, More, With, Pinky, Cawaii, Egg, ViVi...etc etc.

Magazines that feature mostly white models include Ginza, Elle, Bazaar...etc. BTW, in case any of you are wondering, I have yet to see a Japanese fashion magazine, Japanese style or Western style, that has a black woman on the cover.

Can you tell I read waaaaaay too many Japanese fashion magazines?