Great Moments in Not Knowing Shit About Birth Control

It's been a roller coaster ride of a year for women and their ladyparts, thanks in large part to people who know nothing about birth control trying to discuss the nuances of birth control. Here's a loving homage to those misguided blabbermouths muddying up the national conversation with confidently delivered misconceptions.


Falsehoods about what birth control is, and what the birth control mandate does, are so rampant that they've been given a place in the debate alongside actual facts. Bill O'Reilly seems to think that there are "thousands" of federally funded health care providers who distribute free birth control to anyone who just waltzes on in, Santorum funder Foster Freiss thinks that simply not having sex will do all of the things that birth control does, Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld thinks that giving everyone access to low-cost birth control is the same thing as hating poor people, Sean Hannity thinks all birth control costs like $9 per month, regardless of the prescription, and another Fox anchor seems to think that condoms should do just fine for every woman, no matter what her situation or preferences. O'Reilly tells his viewers that compelling insurers to let female employees who pay premiums use their premiums to purchase birth control is akin to forcing Bill O'Reilly to personally buy Depo Provera injections for every Tri-Delt in America. None of these things are remotely facty.

Not every Great Moment could be included in this montage. Virginia Delegate Dave Albo's story about how all this talk of "trans-v" ultrasounds led his wife to deny him conjugal access to her "v" didn't make the cut, even though he was trying to legislate vaginas, a body part he couldn't even bring himself to pronounce. The all-male House panel testifying to a nearly all-male House committee about how giving women access to birth control through plans sponsored by employers violated their freedom of religion (which apparently is also "freedom of oppression") didn't make the cut, either, because I couldn't bring myself to watch that whole thing again. And of course, there are hours and hours of footage of Bill O'Reilly inching himself closer and closer to an insurance-funded quadruple bypass.

Special thanks to the delightful Madeleine Davies for knitting this video together.


Antonym, mourning Va Va Get My Broom

Am I being hopelessly nostalgic in thinking there was some kind of intelligent discourse in politics at some point in human history?