Gray Hair Is Totally In...If You're A British Hipster Under The Age Of 25

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According to Hanna Hanra of the Times of London, "growing numbers of women are no longer eschewing the very thought of gray, but embracing a gunmetal mane with pride - and attitude." Oh, and most of them are under 30.


Yes, the It Girls of England, like Pixie Geldof, are choosing to go gray, as blonde apparently is passe and pink is played out. Silver tresses are reportedly all the rage amongst people who have not yet had to deal with actual silver strands popping up in their hair, which makes one wonder if gray hair is going to be a trend that everyone embraces, or if it's only considered cool when accompanied by a wrinkle-free face.

"This is a youth movement," Hanra writes, "from east London's cool set to models on the Paris catwalks, women are throwing the tonsorial rulebook out of the window and going with the gray." I suppose it's a bit of a punk rock move to embrace gray hair before it has even hit you, attaching a sense of youth to something so closely associated with aging, and it's also nice to see gray hair getting some positive attention, though it's a bit much to present the embrace of silver locks by hipster girls as a sign that women everyone are getting comfortable with going gray. Having fun with Manic Panic is one thing; actually shifting cultural perspectives on gray hair and aging is quite another.


But I suppose the trend won't last too long, as with every "cool set" movement, there will probably be a backlash to women who—gasp—actually dare to wear their natural gray hair 5 hours from now, when the trend is over. "Grandma thinks she's so cool with her silver tresses and her giant bag and her eight layers of cardigans and her four strands of pearls. That was so December 2009!"

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Darn, am I the only girl under 25 whose hair is already going gray?

I like my gray hair, but as sure as I am that I won't be dying my hair at 50, I'm also sure that dying my hair gray at 20 will NOT look fact, while Geldof looks cute I think Brownsell looks like she's trying out for Into The Woods. When your name is Pixie, you can probably get away with anything.