Grave Robber Digs Up Dozens of Dead Girls, Turns Bodies Into Dolls

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Just in case you were having a pleasant day and needed to be reminded that basically everything in the world is terrible and that life is a meaningless void from which none of us are able to truly escape, here's a story about a man who dug up dead girls, turned them into dolls and stuck music boxes into their ribcages.


Russian grave robber and "mad genius" Anatoly Moskvin was arrested for his crimes in 2011. A historian and a polyglot who speaks 13 languages, Moskvin — who lived with his parents, spent his free time digging up graves (sometimes of children who had been murdered violently) and using the bodies he stole to create playthings for himself. And, even worse, Moskvin would regularly leave little notes on the graves addressed to the children, congratulating them on another school year finished or wishing them a happy new year.

Natalia Chardymova, whose daughter Olga had been murdered and then, after being buried was dug up and used as a human doll, recounts how terrible it was to visit her daughter's grave, knowing that an anonymous note might be there:

From the Brit tabloid The Metro (which features a graphic image of one of the dolls, so please click at your own risk):

'He congratulated her on all the public holidays. He remembered about 1 September each year and the last school bell in May.

'Imagine what it was like for us, her grieving parents, reading these notes about our murdered daughter. It was not at all like some sick joke but a spear through our hearts.'

Moskvin kept Olga in his home for nine long years and told authorities that he was waiting for science to come far enough to make his dolls "live again." He even taunted her parents via notes left at the grave, demanding that they build her a better headstone and then destroying it when they relented.

Moskvin will not face trial because he's been deemed too ill and his schizophrenia too severe to face either the court or prison. Instead, he has been confined to a psychiatric hospital, one which he is unlikely to ever be allowed to leave.

The Daily Mail (warning: graphic image) reports that Moskvin accused his victims' parents of neglect: "You abandoned your girls in the cold - and I brought them home and warmed them up," he said.

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