Grandma Rapes Granddaughter's Abuser With A Gourd

Click to viewMary Franks is a churchgoing, doting grandma who collects decorative bunny rabbits. She's also a convicted sex offender. About 10 years ago, Mary, and a number of female family members (including her two daughters and sister-in-law) raped a man in the ass with a large cucumber after finding out that he was molesting Mary's then 5-year-old granddaughter. Mary went straight to child services and the police, but was frustrated when there was no follow through (the molester was the granddaughter's stepdad). For their crime, the women were all charged with rape, torture, attempted murder and kidnapping, but were convicted only of rape, and sentenced to jail time; Mary's grandchildren were removed from her home and placed in foster care. Above is a clip from the 2003 documentary about the case called The Cucumber Incident. So are Mary and her family awful rapists or vigilante heroines?

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