Grandma Charged With Obscenity For Writing Dirty Stories

Karen Fletcher, a 54-year-old disabled grandmother in Pittsburgh, was indicted last week on federal obscenity charges for publishing fictional stories involving the torture, molestation, and murder of young children and babies. Fletcher, who faces up to 30 years in prison, maintains that she wrote the stories as a way to deal with her own childhood molestation, but authorities took issue with the fact that she was charging a fee — via PayPal — to those interested in reading her work. (The site, RedRose, has since been taken down.) We're all for freedom of speech, and we particularly hate the ever-constrictive obscenity laws, since they're really subjective and leave tons of room for interpretation, but she must've written some really nasty stuff, as this is the first text-only obscenity case since the Supreme Court invented the Miller Test for obscenity in 1973.

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