Illustration for article titled emGQ/em Tries to Attract Millennials and Olds With Blake Griffins Abs

GQ is trying to bridge the digital divide, reaching out to The Olds and the Millennials with fashionable, athletic bodies neither sector can achieve unless they are NBA star Blake Griffin. So the editors just put Griffin on the cover, saving themselves the trouble of identifying a regular human being to reach his abdominal level. Point; GQ.


According to WWD, GQ just launched their "age issue" which is very different than the age issue Vogue does every year because … their Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson says so.

“We are doing something different and thinking outside the box,” Nelson said. … “It’s completely separate. We didn’t get the idea from that. We want to distinguish print and online content.”



The new issue showcases dudes ages 20 to 60, with three different covers — Clive Owen and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, in addition to Griffin — and illustrates how to preserve male sexiness, I imagine. This "age issue" comes on the heels of the magazine’s new biannual GQ Style franchise that began this month. Finally, now men can join the conversation around pre-cellulite and growing less attractive as the years roll by like their good looks in faded photos. GENDER EQUALITY.

Image via GQ.

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