The glitzy madness that is the Cannes Film Festival is in full swing! Yesterday, at the premiere of Blindness, which stars Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett was the one who stole the show. She was luminous and resplendent in ruffles! (Ms. Moore was weighed down by black feathers.) Who else was basking in the glare of photographers' flashes? Natalie Portman, Faye Dunaway, Devon Aoki, Mischa Barton, Gillian Anderson and many more. See who wore Good, who wore Bad and who wore Ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Regal Cate Blanchett wears filmy ruffles with aplomb.

Aaaah! I love Bar Refaeli's dress. Fitted yet flowy, simple yet detailed. Check out the back:



Elsa Zylberstein shines in sunny yellow.


Love the color and the ruffles on Natalie Portman's little purple dress.

I hate it when I like something about Eva Longoria. But vivid Mediterranean blue on the red carpet is exactly right for the French Riviera. Ooh, Aishwarya Rai looks good too, even if her skirt is a wee wrinkly.


Lord, I love me some Faye Dunaway. Soft and glowing in rosy pink.

The Bad:


Hair pulled too tight and dress that looks too stiff make Devon Aoki resemble a mermaid out of water. With a scale disease.

Andrea Osvart's dress isn't exactly bad, but on the Cannes red carpet you're supposed to turn it up a notch.


It's hard to explain why Mischa Barton's gown doesn't feel right: Too heavy, too detailed, too dark? Not well-fitting enough?


Afef Jnifen is some kind of foxy model/actress. Love her hair, hate her dress. Huge sleeve or huge skirt. Not both.

Wow, Gillian Anderson! It's been so long! Great to see her. It would be even better to see her in a more flattering dress.


The Ugly:

Eleonara Abbagnata's dress appears to made of seaweed.


Julianne Moore is beautiful. And I appreciate a gown that takes risks, that dares to be different. I like when design is quirky and clever. But parrot feathers and fabric flowers and a detailed waist and sheer under sheer? Bad. In my opinion. I mean look!

A beautiful woman in an ugly dress.

[Images via Getty and Bauer-Griffin.]