Gov. Andrew Cuomo: 'I Wanna See You Eat the Whole Sausage'

Behold this cursed video in which New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, holding court at a round table in a carpeted ballroom like some kinda Ralphie Cifaretto, instructs a female reporter to eat a whole sausage while he watches.


“Will you eat the whole sandwich?” he asks NewsChannel 9's Beth Cefalu while she stands behind the camera. He then beckons to his culinary associate—his Artie Bucco, if you will or if you won’t—and moments later, Cefalu is handed a hefty paper plate filled with sausage and beans.

“I wanna see you eat the whole sausage,” he groans in her direction.

“I don’t know if I should eat the whole sausage in front of you, but I’m definitely gonna eat it,” she says.

He then invites her to the table where she takes a selfie with Cuomo, to his observation, “There’s too much sausage in that picture.”

Do you feel unclean?

Update: This video is apparently not new. Regardless, I feel happy to have it in my life now.

Senior Editor, Jezebel



She should have started eating it horizontally, like an ear of corn - like Amy Farrah Fowler, because “That’s how good girls eat a banana”.