On Saturday night, the cast, executive producers and author of the books that started it all gathered 'round to discuss the cultural phenomenon (and guilty pleasure) that is Gossip Girl at the Paley Festival in Los Angeles. Lucky for us, all the women on the show — Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr and Kelly Rutherford — showed up ready to chat and dressed to impress. (The menfolk were there, too, but let's face it: I only have eyes for "Hot Dan" Penn Badgley, left.) The full Good, Bad and Ugly of the Gossip Girl panel, after the jump.

The Good:


Damn you, Blake Lively: How do you always look so good, even when you're just wearing jeans and a blazer?

Kelly Rutherford: I can haz yur dress and luks az I ages?


Dear Taylor Momsen: Why did I not have your polished looks and pretty flapper dress when I was a mere 15-years old?

The Bad:


Blair Waldorf would never have let Leighton Meester out of the house in a color that fails to flatter and in a cut that does not flatter.

The Ugly:


Dear Jessica Szohr: Why must you insult us by wearing American Apparel?!

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