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Gossip Girls

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Holy shit! Jezebel is Serena's favorite website. Kinda...uh... subversive for a Teen Vogue cover girl?! We are shocked and awed. Maria calls this a "ZOMG moment." Dodai, a connoisseur of the fine literature upon which Gossip Girl is based, was less sanguine: "See, if you read the books then you would think that Serena doesn't even read blogs, she's such a free spirit! Vanessa would read Jezebel." [The CW]


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Lady Skittlehattington

Hi Blake,

Would you please let the Gossip Girl producers know that I need

Chuck to have his goddam monkey already? I need that monkey. And I need

Chuck to be gay like he is in the books.

You're adorable.


Lady Ermentrude Skittlehattington