Gossip Girl Hair Is All The Rage, But You're Too Fat, Short & Poor To Have It

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In an epic feat of degradation and undermining, the New York Times investigates the "big hair trend" right now: Blake Lively's "extra long, ultra-shiny blond" locks with "mussed-up tussle frolicking through the ends." Want the look? Too bad.


The Times's Sarah Maslin talks to John Barrett, who has a salon inside of tony Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan. He says:

"It's aspirational hair."

In other words, you can dream about it… that doesn't mean you're going to get it.


Nuri Yurt, of Toka Salon on Madison Avenue, whose clients include several former first ladies, says almost all of his customers with long hair ask for Blake Lively's cut, but:

The look, he said, only works for tall, slim women.

In other words, you fatties and shorties need not apply.

Michael Wilson of Bumble & Bumble also warns you not to get your hopes up: "Trouble is, some girls are born with amazing hair," he says, adding that Blake Lively's hair "sets an unrealistic expectation."

Barett can get your tresses like Blake Lively's if you have $1,200 a month to spend on extensions, treatments, haircuts and styling at his salon.

When Maslin talks to Blake Lively herself, and lets her know how popular her hair is, Blake says: "That's always kind of odd, but unbelievably flattering." And. Just to make you feel worse, she tells the reporter that her hair is mostly natural — the color gets touched up every six months, and the "unraveling curls" are created not with fancy techniques and curling irons, but by letting her hair dry in a simple chignon.


To hammer the final nail in the coffin, Lively adds: "I was born with a head full of hair."

A ‘Gossip Girl' Look, Pronto! [NY Times]

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If she lets her hair dry in a chignon, it must not be very thick. If I braid my hair or put it in a bun while it's wet, it will take over 24 hours to dry naturally and by then, it will smell mildewy.

As for the assertion that all she does is let it dry and then it turns out that way, I call bullshit. For one thing, as she stated, she dyes her hair. Guaranteed, she spends a ton of time and money to make her hair look like it is all natural—which, is totally fine, though. Secondly, that show is styled to the hilt. Are we really to believe that prior to filming, a makeup crew does her face, while the hairstylist doesn't touch her hair? Finally, there was a NY Mag story about Gossip Girl not too long ago and they indicated that she was an absolute diva and wouldn't let anyone see her before her hair and makeup were complete. I'm just not buying it.