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Gossip Girl? Try Grossip Girl. An underground artist reworked a GG subway ad with a bit of criticism. One question: Why the sideburn? • Japanese women can expect to live longer than anyone else in the world. They top the average life expectancy for the 23rd year in a row.• Speaking of life expectancy, why do women live longer than men? It might have to do with our iron-draining periods! • Attention UK Jezebels: You will soon be able to get Clamelle, an antibiotic to treat Chlamydia, over-the-counter. • A 90-year-old woman has finally completed her Master's degree from Hofstra University that she had to abandon in the late 1960s due to personal reasons.• A new study has found that black, pot-smoking females between 15 and 21 are more likely to have STDs than their pot-free peers. • More than two dozen teenage cheerleaders got stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes after they broke the elevator by overloading it in an attempt to "see how many girls they could fit into" the elevator car. • Queen Rania of Jordan goes to the YouTubes to try dispel stereotypes about the Arab world one question at a time. Sample question? "Are you Michael Jordan's wife?" (Sigh). • Japan is dominating Leftovers today: A 16-year-old boy named Taichi Saotome is a gender-crossing dancer of a kabuki-like theater that has all of Japan mesmerizes with "a single look from his downcast eyes." • Good news for endometriosis sufferers: Scientists may have unlocked the cause of the somewhat mysterious and painful condition. • Egyptian scientists will perform DNA tests on two mummified female fetuses found in King Tut's tomb in 1922. • UK primary schools have very few male primary school teachers (1 male in 50 women) which may be because many men view being a schoolteacher as a "woman's job." • That whole "cosmetic-surgery-will-help-women's-career" drivel the media has been reporting? Total BS. • Pregnant gals: The old adage that coca butter will prevent stretch marks while you are pregnant is not true. • EW's "28 Essential Girl Power Flicks." The list includes, Little Women, The Devil Wears Prada, National Velvet, and, uh, High School Musical?

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