GOP Women Vote to Slam Glass Ceiling Shut Behind Them

Great news, fans of supergroups. The twenty-four Republican women in the US House of Representatives have joined forces to form the Women's Policy Committee, a group that's supposed to raise the profile of the conservative ladies serving in Congress. Too bad that Team Awesome has spent most of its Girl Power Time in Congress standing staunchly against bills that would benefit other women.

As Think Progress reports, The Women's Policy Committee members have overwhelmingly voted in ways that one might think was a little, erm, anti-woman. In fact, it almost seems like they're compensating for the fact that they're not men by legislating like they're trying to earn their spot at the He Man Woman Haters Club head table.

So, how, exactly, has the Women's Policy Committee made it their Policy to screw Women over? Twenty of the 24 currently in office have earned a score of 0 from Planned Parenthood, which means they've voted against abortion and contraception access at literally every opportunity they've had. A cool 21 of them co-sponsored a bill called The Respect for Conscience Rights Act, a law that aimed to allow employers and health care providers to let their moral attitudes toward contraception override the Affordable Care Act's Preventative Care Mandate, which will provide women access to hormonal birth control at no cost. All but two of them voted for the shitty House version of the Violence Against Women Act, which would have dropped protection for undocumented, Native, and LGBT women. Only 15 of them were in office in 2009, when Congress voted on the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, but all 15 of them voted against it.


This video's intention is clear — it's an attempt to reach out to voters to show them that there are tons o' ladies doing all sorts of conservative legislating in Congress, and because they're wives and mothers and kitten wranglers or whatever I'm supposed to think women are supposed to be, I shouldn't be afraid to vote for them. But just because our genitalia probably looks similar doesn't mean I'm obligated to support a group of people who are actively fighting to limit my rights. And, quite frankly, the fact that this group exists only serves to further show how little Republicans of either gender care about women who don't look like them and haven't made the choices they've made.

[Think Progress]

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This just proves my long-standing theory that Republican women legislators are the grown-up version of those girls in high school who brag about how they're "one of the bros" and they don't have female friends because "girls are so catty and sensitive! I like how guys TELL IT LIKE IT IS!" and love pointing out how they're not offended by sexist jokes. Because it's basically the same mentality: maybe if I hate on other women enough, I will somehow turn into a man, or at least allowed to be an "honorary" man!