Two things about the latest issue of GOOP — this time it's a "Make," in which Gwyneth shares her fave recipes. One: Gwyneth quotes Sixteen Candles weirdly and misspells the word voilà.

At the end of her intro, Paltrow (or, an unpaid intern) writes, "You can scramble an egg, add one of the homemade sausages, stick 'em in the fresh warm biscuit and, to quote a line from the epic eighties film Sixteen Candles, 'Wha-lah, breakfast is ready!'" What an odd and completely banal quote to use from a fairly memorable movie!

Two: in the recipe for her quick biscuits, Gwynnie says, "These biscuits, made with white spelt flour and a bit of organic vegetable shortening and yogurt, are just as good (perhaps even better!) than their white flour and lard cousins." Now, I'm not saying her biscuits are bad, but let's be honest: lard makes everything taste better.