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Goop Scoop

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This week's installment of GOOP has us wondering: has Gwyneth finally gotten a clue? Gwynnie is offering her suggestions for holiday gifts, and she actually mentions the fact that the world is going through an economic meltdown! Of course, she brings it up when advising readers to purchase a nearly $2,000 Hermes watch. Also of note: Gwyneth believes that Debretts Guide to Modern Manners is the perfect present, because "We can all brush up on our manners." For a peek at the Hermes watch and the $1,395 weekend bag she suggests you buy for your man, click on Gwyneth's smug mug. [GOOP]

Illustration for article titled Goop Scoop
Illustration for article titled Goop Scoop

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Off topic here, but does anyone else hate her Estee Lauder Pleasures commercial? I don't even like the way she says "Pleasures."

I'm feeling mighty snarky today.